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I just got home from riding my bike home from the repair shop, and all I can think is this: it's good to have my bike back. I hadn't ridden it for over a year, and I now remember how freeing it is to ride a bike in the street from one place to another. It's fucking great.

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What else was I supposed to do today?

I didn't go to the movies though.

There's always next year.

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memories of the distant past
get blurry while going fast
they become a sea of white
the future glum and dark is night
the harder i try not wondering why
becoming more sly no rules apply
all that i do and all that i am
sending to you what i cannot stand
that is namely words without form
writing on subjects like love that's forelorn
memories become cliche with each passing second
more and more rhymes without meaning i reckon
without foundations they crumble
under their own weight to rubble
the problem of writing without love
with no heart for the art you can't get a start
hate the work you are working
the words you are wording
the ideas you idealize
the script that you scribble
no one can understand since those words from your head
mean less and less and i hope instead
you write from the heart
and get a damn good start
and play your part
and don't be so smart
write what you're thinking
think what you're writing
say what you're loving
love what you're saying
and don't write in awful unintelligible chunks.

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With no direction you go your own way
I don't know what to think of that or even if that's okay
I'll assume that in this matter I have no say.

Nearing skies full of light
It's your choice to face it or give it a fight
Remember there's only one end in sight.

Do you vault to the end of the race?
With no alternative while on a path of saving face?
Do you want to leave with grace?

Waves beat down upon the rock pile
In my mind you're going to stay for a while
Going mile after mile and mile after mile
And you will be with me forever.

My father has turned 65.
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I don't know what I did to get there, but I had been experiencing depression since last spring. This weekend, I did something positive and I realized something: I am no longer depressed and I feel great, and I intend to stay this way.

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Depression is a bitch.  I need to do something about it.  I can't let scheduling conflicts get in the way of getting better.

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"Oh! Darling" is a cool song because it is in the blues style, but its chord progression and structure are pop-oriented.

There is no implication of a twelve-bar blues progression, which is common in blues.  Also, the vi chord is uncommon in the blues, as is the II7 chord.  Yet those chords are in the song.   It's strange.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, that's probably a good thing.  I overanalyze music too much.
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our man he was a stud
everything to get around
you and i are of the same blood
you're still on the ground
why not be a part
why not be here
why not start and end the years
of nothingness wisdom and general disdain
that envelops you from talking to me
we can both strum strings
i wonder where that's from
of all the things i want to have your love will not be
our man wonders why you don't call
why don't you share yourself
unless you really want to be a memory on a shelf
i want to get you know you better
because i feel i could
i know our man is doubtful
as well he should
whenever i'm asked if i'm the only one i'm always lying
but since you're not here i'm not far from the truth.
you're closer to the end than me by more than a decade
you haven't much time
you need to realize that what you're after is only yourself, your roots, your father.

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